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KOBUS | Owner and Main Videographer

My aim is to make personal, emotional and unique wedding films which stand out by telling love stories that give the viewer a glimpse at the personalities of the couple. I consider myself an artistic storyteller and believe every wedding film should tell a unique story.

My approach to wedding filmmaking is similar to that of a director of a film. I take great care in the type of footage I film and when it comes to editing I always try and tell a story which resembles the events, atmosphere and mood of the day.

I also spend a lot of time choosing the right music for every project to ensure the appropriate emotional impact is created as music and good sound is a big part of of what makes a good film or video.


JACQUES | Main Photographer

My goal when it comes to photography is to stick to my personal style. I’ve been commended in the past about my unique style.

I’ve travelled extensively to Namibia, North America and Vietnam. This has allowed me to expand my portfolio and has given me a chance to experience and document different cultures.

My wedding photography style is spontaneous, relaxed and focuses on documenting real moments.